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Farm & Ranch Management

Let us handle it for you

What do you do with your property when you're not in a position to manage it?

AgriLand can help!
  • Do you want to be relieved of the responsibility of managing your farm or ranch?
  •  Have you been managing your farm long distance?
  • Do you need help managing your farm or ranch
    due to your age or physical condition?
  • Did you inherit a family farm or agricultural business and want to maintain your family's name and legacy?
  • Do you want to hire a professional to enhance your return on investment?
  • Are you are an institution that controls or owns farm or ranch property that requires a specialist to professionally manage the assets?

Each AgriLand client chooses the agricultural property management services that make them feel comfortable with the level of involvement in the management of their property.

AgriLand can provide any or all of the following services to manage your agricultural property and help you reach your farm and ranch ownership goals:


  • Develop and implement a comprehensive operating plan that includes production, marketing and financial activities
  • Review the risks associated with the business and assist in identifying alternatives that could reduce financial exposure
  • Evaluate participation in government programs to determine the level of involvement
  • Evaluate new technologies like biotech, precision farming, etc. as to their suitability to your operation
  • Supervise approved capital improvement projects to assure they are done properly and cost effectively


  • Prepare an investment analysis for potential capital expenditures
  • Supervise the purchase of the inputs and market the crops and livestock
  • Prepare financial budgets that display the financial expectations for the upcoming year
  • Review and pay all invoices, and deposit all proceeds into the business checking account
  • Provide a financial accounting of all financial activities associated with the ownership of the agricultural assets
  • Manage the cash balance in the bank account(s) to maximize interest earnings
  • Engage in the accounting and compliance associated with local, state, federal regulations germain to the management of the agricultural property
  • List and sell your farm or ranch and/or assist you in purchasing additional land if that is within your set of goals


  • Handle lease negotiations with tenants
  • Select the best qualified tenant(s) who will conserve natural resources while maximizing the productivity of the land and related agricultural assets.
  • Consistent supervision of the day-to-day details of operations to assure your farm or ranch is managed in accordance with your goals
  • Make regular site inspections to assure the tenant is fulfilling the terms of the lease
  • Manage and maintain improvements on the property
  • Keep you well-informed about your farm or ranch through the year through personal visits, phone calls, texts, emails, property reports etc.

Put your farm or ranch in the hands of professionals who are qualified to unlock its potential.

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